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Events at the beach



We love to support local schools, sports leagues and charitable organizations.  We offer two types of fundraising opportunities that are both very easy to plan, organize and execute.

Download our fundraising information & application page below. Once completed, email it to

Birthday Parties


Having your party at "the beach" is awesome!!

Here's What Your Party Looks Like:

*Reserved seating

*Decorations for your party set up and ready for you when you arrive! (We put up balloons, streamers and decorations to make your birthday special!)

*You'll receive free leis.

*Plus we have birthday photo props that you can use on our 'selfie wall'!

Booking a party is simple: 

*Give us a call at (509) 579-0316

*$30 downpayment

*Get $15 back on a gift card the day of your party for you to use any day you choose!

Just think... no party at YOUR house means no prep and no cleanup for you!  SO... give us a call and LET'S PARTY AT THE BEACH!!


For fundraising inquiries, email: or send a message below:

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